Mindfulness for the Unemployed (8 week programme delivered 2.5hrs per week)

The purpose of this 8 week programme is to build knowledge, skills, ability and mental wellbeing.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to:

· Identify the pressures and challenges of being unemployed and the level of control/influence you have

· Explain what is meant by the Stress Reaction Cycle

· Describe the effects of stress – how it affects your body, your feelings, your thoughts and the way you behave

· List unhelpful ways of dealing with stress and the consequences

· Demonstrate how to respond rather than react to difficult situations

· Apply a more mindful approach when dealing with others

· Use mindfulness to improve focus and concentration

· Apply a mindful approach to decision making

· Developing skills to becoming economically active

· Outline a strategy for adopting healthy lifestyle choices.

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