3 Day Enhancing Personal Resilience

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from setbacks and from adversity. Resilient people stay committed and increase their efforts when things get tough.

It used to be thought that people were born with resilient attributes but we now know that anyone can increase their resilience through effective training and development.

This course has been designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to handle pressures and challenges both in professional and personal life. The activities are designed to help you to embed the concepts, tools and techniques introduced during the course.

Learning Themes

The course aims to help you develop skills useful to create sustained resilience.

· Knowing what you think and feel

· Understanding how your thoughts and feelings influence what you do and the decisions you make

· Learning how to handle difficult emotions

· Improving focus, concentration and creativity by listening

· Being able to set yourself goals and deal with setbacks

· Being able to solve problems and think about how your actions affect yourself and understanding how other people think and feel

· How to respond rather than react

· Being able to connect with other people, deal with conflict and negative peer pressure

· Using mindfulness practice to continue to sustain your resilience.

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