3 Hour Taster

This course provides an introduction to mindfulness that combines access to the most up to date research and experiential learning opportunities and it is delivered by a qualified and experienced mindfulness teacher.

The delivery of the course is underpinned by the good practice guidelines developed by the UK Network of Mindfulness teachers.

Learners will be taught simple mindfulness practices:

· as a way of having a direct experience of mindfulness so that they are better able to understand what it is

· as an approach they can use to help them to stop and to respond rather than react to situations

· as an approach to help them to develop a greater present moment awareness of bodily sensations thoughts and emotions.

Learning themes

This is a practical and hands on introduction to mindfulness that explores the following themes:

· What is mindfulness?

· How does it work (drawing upon neuroscience)?

· What are the misconceptions that people have about mindfulness?

· Where is mindfulness being used?

· What are the universal benefits of being mindful?

· What are the benefits of mindfulness for specific groups of people?

· How do you learn how to be more mindful?

· What are the barriers to living mindfully and how might these be overcome?

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